The Power of ZA | Exhibition

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Exhibition running: 16 Feb – 27 Mar 2015
Preview: Friday 13 February 2015   6pm – 8pm
Venue: South Block | 64 Osborne Street, Glasgow




The Power of ZA 

A forum for celebrating the power of creativity across visual art, performing arts, film, architecture and city making, captured and expressed on screen; in the process bridging divides and transforming culture in South Africa’s 20th year of democracy.


The Power of ZA | Exhibition

In February 2015, we installed an exhibition in South Block, Glasgow, bringing together the video works that make up The Power of ZA project (See The Power of ZA). For 6 weeks, viewers could visit a live hub to view the 5 trailers, 16 interviews and 4 events that make up our research in South Africa as part of The Power of ZA.

Alongside the exhibition, I programmed a trio of contemporary South African feature films in partnership with South Africa @ 20: The Freedom Tour. The films were selected to highlight a diverse range of stories depicting South Africa today, exploring music, dance, socio-political structures, the legacy of apartheid, and the changing cultural landscape of the country.





Thurs 19 Feb  |  6.30pm – 8.30pm
Film Screening: Future Sound of Mzansi (Mathambo/Rasethaba, South Africa, 2014)
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Lebogang Rasethaba and Spoek Mathambo - Photographer credit Justice Mukheli

Directed by performance artist Spoek Mathambo and filmmaker Lebogang Rasethaba, this documentary aims to explore, express and interrogate South Africa’s cultural landscape through the vehicle of electronic music. The film engages with a potent range of pioneers sculpting the sounds of things to come. We swim in the sounds of deep house, glitch hop, sghubu sapitori, durban qhum, dubstep and shangaan electro. In a country still steeped in poverty, crime and injustice, young South Africans party like their lives depend on it. The groove is thick and infectious and the future looks blindingly beautiful.


Thurs 12 Mar  |  6.30pm – 8.30pm
Film Screening: Hear ME Move (Scottnes Smith, South Africa, 2014)
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The endearing and highly entertaining Hear Me Move tells the story of Muzi, the son of an amazing pantsula dancer, who embarks on a journey of self-discovery in order to learn the truth about his father’s death and come to terms with his own identity. But will Muzi embrace his destiny and become the man he is meant to be? Hear Me Move is an exciting new South African feature film, creating a local challenge to a genre that includes such well-loved films as Fame and Step Up.


Thurs 26 Mar  |  6.30pm – 8.30pm
Film Screening: Four Corners (Ian Gabriel, South Africa, 2014)
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Cape Town today – home to South Africa’s toughest maximum security prison – Pollsmoor. When Farakhan, a general in one of the century-old Numbers Gangs, is released after 13 years, he wants a quiet life and a ‘river of peace’. But he finds himself in a world more violent than when he left it. Now ruthless street gangs control the ghetto streets, crack and guns are sold openly, and young boys are disappearing, victims of a serial killer. In this turbulent world, Farakhan seeks to make contact with his son, whom he has never known. Four Corners is a high-octane, multi-thread, coming-of-age crime drama set in a unique and volatile South African subculture. At times raw and violent, at times touching and true, the four lives of the characters Farakhan, Leila, Tito and Gasant converge around the boy Ricardo, weaving universal themes of love, loss, kinship, betrayal and redemption.



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